Top 7 Stress Relieving Exercises For Better Life

Stress Relieving Exercises

Stress Management is one of the biggest challenges of this era. Due to the Covid situation, this issue has become even more serious. This is where Stress Relieving Exercises come in handy.
There is a misconception among people that Stress is a bad thing. While in reality, it is necessary for normal body functioning. Before checking out Stress Relieving Exercises, let’s understand what is stress in actuality.
Stress Relieving Exercises


Stress is a perfectly normal part of life. It act as an indicator of a difficult situation to our body. And in response to stress, our body takes necessary actions to save us from further trouble.
For instance, you have to submit an assignment before midnight. Now, you will start stressing out. This stress will bless you with the necessary motivation to complete your assignment on due time.
You might be wondering, if stress is normal then why this whole world is talking about stress management? Let’s dig deep into this and see how stress management will help you. However, if you’re wondering how to evaluate mental health, read mental health examination. 
Stress Relieving Exercises

Stress Management

Everything looks good when it is within the limit, no matter if it is food or stress. When stress crosses its normal levels, it becomes dangerous. That’s where stress management becomes a crucial part of life.
Stress contribute majorly towards underlying health conditions like depression, heart disease, diabetes. It can also cause everyday health issues like headaches, anxiety, anger, insomnia, etc.
Stress Relieving Exercises
There are different techniques of stress management. However, stress-relieving exercises are the best way to manage stress. Any form of exercise boosts your mood. Being active can directly boost your endorphins level, making you feel instantly better.
Exercise not only helps you physically but also emotionally and psychologically. You do not have to indulge in any exercise you don’t love. The only thing you need to do is select your favorite exercise and be consistent with it.
Every form of exercise is going to help you in the long run. However, we got a collection of our favorite exercises that will specifically help in managing stress.


The first and most preferable way to manage stress is by doing yoga. Yoga helps in strength training. It relieves physical tension, which makes you physically and mentally strong.
The deep breathing technique is being used while doing Yoga. It triggers a sense of comfort, calmness, and relaxation in the human body. It is also proven by studies that yoga is effective in reducing blood pressure.
The biggest benefit of yoga is the elevated level of mental focus. Yoga makes the human mind clearer and increases mental focus. The better this mental focus is, the better it is for stress management.
You can choose any pose of your choice. Make sure to choose poses that require maximum concentration. This will keep your mind active, focused, and less worried. Doing yoga alone is an option for you but you can join a yoga class if you want.
Stress Relieving Exercises

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is also known as Tai Chi Chuan. It is derived from an ancient Chinese martial art. Tai Chi directly links physical movements to breath.
Tai Chi is usually known as meditation in motion. It promotes mental focus, stability, flexibility and boosts energy levels. This results in the form of better physical, mental and emotional health.
Tai Chi usually consists of 100 gentle movements. These movements are interconnected with each other. There is no pause between every movement. There are various options in Tai Chi ranging from simple to intense Tai Chi.
If you’re interested in Tai Chi, you can join a wellness center. You can also watch videos on Tai Chi if you’re interested in performing Tai Chi alone.
Stress Relieving Exercises


Qigong is similar to Tai Chi. It is also an important part of ancient Chinese medicine. These are gentle and slow movements that move in harmony with breaths.
These movements create such a relaxing aura around you that you forget every tension. Qingong is effective in improving sleep and stomach health. It boosts energy and promotes the feeling of serenity. It also improves mental focus.
You can join any wellness center, community class, or YCMAs. You can also watch videos to try Qigong at home.
Stress Relieving Exercises


Are you curious to see walking on our favorites list? Don’t worry, I got all the answers for you. Walking is the easiest one among all of these options. It does not require special training or equipment.
Grab a good pair of shoes and you are good to go. Walking regularly can keep you safe from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease.
People usually report that walking regularly made a huge impact on their life. It boosts self-confidence and decreases stress levels. Walking stimulates the nervous system, deepens breathing, and decreases tension from major muscles.
Start with 10 minutes session twice a week. Then slowly increase the frequency up to six times per week. Gradually, increases walk duration from 10 minutes to 30 minutes daily.
Stress Relieving Exercises


Another fun exercise and activity to invest your time in is gardening. Studies show that if you weed alone, it can easily burn off up to 200 calories per hour. The more strenuous the activity is, the more calories are burnt.
The greenery around you will put a positive impact on you. It will increase your activity level, boost your mood, and refreshes your spirit.
The smallest steps are always the most crucial step. Take a small plant and start from there. If you enjoy taking care of a small plant, you can slowly move towards bigger plants and proper gardening.
Stress Relieving Exercises


You may feel nervous to see dancing on this list. Don’t worry, if you love dancing, then this is totally for you. Dancing keeps you active and improves grace and agility. It is a great option for the workout.
Many studies found that people who dance 2 times a week are at lesser risk of dementia. It keeps their brain active and healthy. Dancing is also a subtle way to keep in touch with the community. It boosts happiness and lowers stress levels.
You can dance at home to the music of your choice. You can also enroll in any dance class or community center. Pick a comfortable pair of shoes and start dancing.
Stress Relieving Exercises

Circuit Training

It is a great workout to keep stress levels and cardio health under control. It alternates weight training moves with cardio following a short rest between them.
This is a high-intensity workout, which not only keeps you healthy physically but also emotionally. It increases endorphin levels in the body, boosting our mood and happiness level. It reduces stress and increases focus.
One of the most popular circuit training programs is Curves. They are a large national chain using musical cues during a 30-minute session. To try this at home, watch videos and buckle up.
Stress Relieving Exercises


Stress is a constant factor in life. But, how we manage it makes a big impact on our life. Make sure to keep your activity level high. Ensure that your concentration and focus level should be good. Sunrise always follows a sunset, so stay patient and humble. Everything will soon turn out to be better for you.

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