Top 7 Dietary Supplement Manufacturers that Are Best in What They Do

Top 7 Dietary Supplement Manufacturer that are best in what they do…

The 21st century is the era where every human being knows the importance of supplements. Supplements help to fulfill body needs when the diet is unable to do so. Supplements are a great way to recover from any deficiency in the body like Vitamin C deficiency. So, I’ll be revealing some of the Best Dietary Supplement Manufacturers.

Supplements may be a good thing to consume to keep the body healthy and fit. But one should be careful regarding the amount of supplement they are taking, as an excess of everything can be bad. Also, consultation with a good doctor is a must before the consumption of supplements, so that you know the recommended amount of supplements that you should be taking.

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There are many types of supplements like Multivitamins, meal replacement, Sports Nutrition Supplements, Calcium, B and C Vitamins, etc. There are also various manufacturers of these supplements. Choosing a supplement manufacturer is really important as it is going to ensure the quality of the supplement. We have some tips for you to choose the right supplement manufacturer. Let us have a look at those tips: –


dietary supplement manufacturer

First of all, you should check the reputation of the company. The company you’re going to select should have a good brand reputation. Do check the reviews of people, experiences of people. Also, check along with the procedures a company uses to make their products.

Secondly, you should take a look at the promises made by the company. If the promises seem to be too unreal, then trust me they are actually fake. Let’s suppose a supplement manufacturer promises you that their product is going to let you lose 30 pounds in a week, then these types of promises are too good to be true. So don’t trust someone with extraordinary promises.

Lastly, you can also check the research papers that support the production of your supplement manufacturer. You can check the documents supporting their procedures and research techniques. It may seem an extra step but it will give extra clarification on the quality and reputation of your selected dietary supplement manufacturer.

One last tip is to ask your doctor regarding the amount of supplement you should take and the supplement manufacturer you should select. We also have some good recommendations for you to choose from. Let’s see our top 7 picks from all the dietary supplement manufacturers:

1. Sundown Naturals:

One of our top seven picks is Sundown Naturals. This company has been producing dietary supplements for more than 50 years. People who used supplements made by this company gave amazing reviews regarding their products. They have a whole range of supplements that include herbal tablets, active energy tablets, vitamin C gummies, etc.

Sundown Naturals was started in 1977. The company promises that all of its products are free of the glutton, wheat, lactose, dairy, and other artificial flavors. Also, they claim that their products are non-genetically modified. They guarantee that their products are good for the human body as they care about what goes inside our bodies. So we think this is the brand people should be considering as they care about some of the possible Allergies like a wheat allergy.

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2. Pharmavite:

Next on our list is Pharmavite. This company was set up initially by a Pharmacist himself. Californian Pharmacist Barry Pressman started this company in 1971. It was later acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals in 1989. Now it is a subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.

This company has a Nature made Vitamin range that has been one of their leading products in the market. Doctors have recommended nature made for many years. They believe that health should be in reach of all and they believe in doing the right thing. They claim that trust can’t be acquired without telling the truth. So they are working hard on providing the best supplements that are in reach of many people.

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3. Greeniche:

Moving on, we have another company on our list. Greeniche is a company based in Canada. They work toward providing organic products that are good for the environment and are also provide health benefits to their customers.

Greeniche company claims to use only plants for the production of their supplements. Their products are animal and cruelty-free. They claim to have vegan, natural, halal, vegetarian, and kosher supplements. They have products that are safe for use by the whole family. Greeniche also offers skincare products. This brand is specifically good for people who want plant-based products.

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4. Nutrigold:

We have Nutrigold on our list. This company is focused on producing supplements that are safe for the consumption of humans. This company believes in authentic transparency and tells about the source of ingredients they use.

They believe in sustainable products. They use non-GMO ingredients to make their products. They make packaging out of eco-friendly ingredients. Their supplements are manufactured under strict supervision. Their products are tested by third-party labs and they have a no question asked refund policy.

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5. Life Extension:

The very next company on our list is Life Extension. This company was founded in 1980 by William Faloon and Saul Kent. It is located in Florida, United States. As their names suggest, they believe that through useful supplements and disease eradication, the lives of humans can be broadened. They research and work on useful procedures that can eradicate diseases and delay aging.

They offer wellness specialists and supplement quizzes; through which they can suggest supplements that might work the best for you. They offer clinically studied and tested premium vitamins and supplements for all of your needs. They want to provide healthy living for people who set healthy living as their priority.

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6. Twin Lab:

Twin Lab is the next company on our favorites list. This company was started in 1968 by Jean and David Blechman. After that, this company was operated by their children. They are based in Florida, United States, and currently produce 500 different commodities.

This company currently specializes in producing body-building supplements, Multivitamins, and minerals. They claim to make you the healthier version of yourself by providing scientifically backed supplements that are tailored according to your needs. They also offer a 5-minute quiz to suggest the best supplements for your needs.

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7. Natrol:

Last on our list is Natrol. This company was formed in 1980 by Elliott Balbret. It originally started as a cosmetics company but with time it became one of the leading trademark names in the supplements, vitamins, and minerals category. There was one goal to start this company that is to enhance health globally.

They consider themselves as the pioneers that exist to formulate food into the medicinal supplements that can work and improve the health of humans worldwide. Their consistency in good work helped them to gain an A rating from Natural Products Association for providing high-quality cost-effective health solutions to human beings.

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These were some of the brands that seem the best to us. You can consider one of these brands for your supplemental needs. Even if you are considering some other brand for your supplemental needs, you can follow our tips on choosing the best supplement manufacturers to make sure you’re connecting with a good brand. Choose a brand whose aim is to provide the best life quality for you. We wish everyone the best of their health to thrive in every sector of life. If You’d Like to Learn More About Health or Fitness related Information Feel Free to Visit our Home Page To Explore More, Thanks for Reading.

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