Top 5 Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness

Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you to focus clearly on the present situation. It is an excellent element for succeeding in life. Various Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness are available for you to experiment with.
You can achieve mindfulness through a variety of exercises. It prevents your mind from distracting easily. It Improves your concentration and focuses level. Yoga and Meditation have many benefits including mindfulness. Before talking about various exercises, let’s understand what mindfulness is. 
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness


Mindfulness is essential human ability to focus on the current ongoing process. It is the ability to focus entirely on the present, leaving future and past worries aside.
A mindful human is fully aware of what is happening, where is it happening. They do not react aggressively and are not overwhelmed by surrounding processes.
Mindfulness helps them in various fields of life. This helps them to concentrate fully on their tasks. It keeps their mind active and creative. They excel in their job and other areas of life.
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness

Benefits of Mindfulness

There are a lot of benefits of mindfulness. Some of these are as follows:
  • Mindfulness is effective at reducing depression.
  • It positively impacts emotional stability.
  • Mindfulness reduces anxiety and stress.
  • It Improves your memory.
  • You will also observe cognitive improvements.
  • It strengthens your relationships.
  • It Improves your physical health.
  • Mindfulness positively impacts your mental health.
  • It reduces rumination.
  • Mindfulness enhances your concentration level.
  • It controls your emotional reactivity.
  • Mindfulness improves your immune system.
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness
These were some of the benefits of mindfulness. You can achieve mindfulness through a variety of exercises. However, breathing exercises for mindfulness are the best ones to adopt. Some of my personal favourite exercises are as follows:

Mindful Breathing

This is the first breathing exercise for mindfulness. It might sound simple, but it is beneficial to achieve mindfulness. This simple yet effective exercise is full of health benefits.
You can do this exercise anywhere. However, including this exercise in your morning workout routine will prove beneficial. All you need is a yoga mat for this exercise in the morning.
To start this exercise, sit down on a yoga mat. Correct and relax your body posture. Closing your eyes will be helpful for mindfulness. Now free your mind from every tension of past, present and future.
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness
Start breathing in a regular pattern. Focus on your breath and notice its pattern. Focus on the rising and resting phase of your chest. Feel the sensation of cool air entering your nostrils and warm air leaving it. Your focus must be stable on breathing.
It is completely natural for human mind to wander. But, whenever you realize your mind is wandering, shift your focus onto your breathing. Keep yourself calm and relaxed throughout this exercise.
Breathing in this manner will train your mind to ignore distractions around you. Your mind will become relaxed and will feel better. You’ll feel free of negative thoughts. It will help your mind to be much more active than before.
With this exercise in your routine, you will see visible results. Your mind will become more active and more focused on daily tasks. The more you’ll do this exercise, the better you will be.

Counting Breaths

Here’s another technique to practice mindfulness. You will shift your focus on your breathing like the last exercise. But now, along with breathing normally, you will count every breath.
Keeping a record of breaths will help with your concentration. This, in turn, will increase mindfulness, which we want.
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness
Start with sitting on a yoga mat. Then, relax and correct your body posture. Close your eyes and start breathing. Breath normally and shift your focus on your breathing for this exercise.
Observe your breathing pattern. Alongside it, start counting your breaths. This will take your mind out of the negative loop. You will forget stress, anxiety, depression and negative emotions for that time.
Your mind will feel calm and relaxed. This exercise is best for people who have busy minds. People who have no control over their mind will love this exercise. It helps achieve mindfulness which will further help you in your daily life.

Deep Breathing

This is another technique to master mindfulness. It is unlike the last two exercises. Here, You do not follow your regular breathing pattern in this exercise. Instead, you practice deep breathing.
You change your breathing pattern with deep breaths to achieve the results of your choice. This breathing technique is also called belly breathing and diaphragmatic breathing.
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness
Like the name of this exercise, it utilizes deep breaths to breakthrough the loop of negativity. You free yourself from negative thoughts, stress, depression and anxiety. You feel tranquillity, placidity and calmness around you.
Deep breathing helps to break the stress cycle. It puts your body in a rest and digest state. Taking deep breaths releases all the negative thoughts through deep breaths. It allows you to achieve mindfulness in your daily life.

2 – 4 Breathing

2 – 4 breathing exercise is beneficial to calm you down in the stressful situation. This exercise works by increasing exhaling time as compared to inhaling time. It is helpful to calm your nerves down.
Under a stressful event, your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activates. It accelerates your heartbeat. Your blood flow and breathing rate increase. It also enhances your blood pressure and metabolism.
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness
2 – 4 breathing activates your Parasympathetic nervous system or PNS. It works against SNS to calm your body down. It lowers your breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism and heartbeat.
2 – 4 breathing works the same as its name. You elongate your exhale. If you inhale for 2 seconds, you exhale for 4 seconds. It calms you down and fills you with the feeling of tranquillity. Adopt 2 – 4 breathing whenever you’re feeling stress response.

Energizing Breaths

Last but not least, Energizing breaths is another valuable exercise to boost mindfulness. As the name indicates, you fill yourself with positive energy using your breaths. It activates your mind and energizes your body.
Whenever you feel low, lazy and kind of tired, this should be your go-to exercise. It replaces the sluggish and lethargic feelings with energized ones. You feel a kick and boost in your mental and physical activity.
Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness
Energizing breaths is based on the Kundalini yoga technique. This technique is known as segmented breathing. Here, You break your whole breath into small distinct segments as per its name.
You do not inhale at once, rather your break your inhaling pattern into 4 equal parts. Now, you inhale slowly and fill your lungs with 4 small and distinct inhale. You should do it with complete undivided focus.
However, you exhale fully to empty your lungs in one long and smooth segment. Repeat this 3 to 4 times, and it will calm you down. You will see visible results within a few minutes. Also, You will experience relaxing vibes. Mindfulness will also improve.


Practicing mindfulness through breathing exercises will help you in the long run. You will be able to work better at your school and organization. Make sure to stay consistent and practice mindfulness.

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