7 Healthy and Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain


Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain ensure success of fitness goals. Finding out the ideal and best pre-workout meal for muscle gain is a difficult task in itself. Everyone knows staying healthy and fit is not just a choice. But it is a necessity for a unique and enjoyable life. Having that healthy life requires a diet and workout tailored to your needs.

Many people think about gaining muscle mass while forgetting about consuming enough calories. Exercise causes enough wear and tear to your muscles. So, making sure that your body has enough energy to heal itself is necessary.
It’s sad but common to see people hitting the gym on an empty stomach. It is incredibly damaging to your body. And this is why you should consider eating healthy before hitting the gym. The primary issue with designing a healthy pre-workout meal is a lack of knowledge. And, not knowing what to consume makes it challenging to plan a meal catered to your needs.
This article will suggest some healthy and tasty meals as a great addition to your pre-workout meal routine. But before that, we will enlist the significance of a pre-workout meal as icing on the cake. So, we will discuss all the significant points one by one.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

Importance of Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

There is a wrong concept instilled in the mind of people. They believe more food brings more obesity. Although we agree that it may be true if the diet is not carefully balanced. But with a carefully designed pre-workout meal, muscle gaining and weight reduction never remain an issue. Post-workout meals are equally important, that’s why check out post-workout meal four muscle gain.
Our bodies are in dire need of fuel and energy during the workout. The optimum and balanced pre-workout meal can help your body in various ways. Some of the benefits of regulating pre-workout meals are listed here: –
  • To execute extensive training and workout, body fuel is needed. If your body is low on energy, it becomes difficult to carry out these workouts. Pre-workout meal helps to increase workout performance and goal achievement. Glycogen in carbs is quickly converted to glucose and this fulfills the body’s energy needs.
  • After exercise, your body needs the energy to pull back your bodily systems to a normal state. If you are low on energy, your body faces difficulties returning to a normal state. And you start feeling tired and drained. That’s why a pre-workout meal is important so that it can save you from post-workout fatigue.
  • When your muscles contract during a workout, much wear and tear happens to them. A good pre-workout meal helps to reduce protein breakdown. Additionally, pre-workout meal helps in maintaining and gaining desired muscle mass.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain 

Pre-workout meal composition

It is essential to know what goes into your pre-workout meal. Of course, our body needs various minerals and vitamins to survive. But, there are some additional and crucial nutrients that must be a part of your pre-workout meal. Let’s take a deeper look at each of them individually.
  • Firstly, you are going to consider protein in your pre-workout meals. Although, workout puts a lot of strain on body muscles. But, protein helps to restore the broken protein in muscles. Additionally, protein also helps in promoting muscle gain. The ideal protein quantity in a meal usually depends on your body weight. An ideal situation will be consuming 0.3 to 0.5 grams of protein per kg of body.
  • Secondly, you need to focus on having carbs in your pre-workout meals. Glycogen is the most readily available form of energy in our body. It also implies that a lot of glycogen is being used during the workout. So, to replenish our glycogen reserves, consuming carbs is essential. The ideal situation will be consuming 1.1 to 1.5 grams of carbs per kg of body.
  • Last but not least, the most important one is water. A lot of water is being wasted in sweat during the workout. So, restoring moisture in the body is necessary for healthy bodily functions. Make sure to hydrate your body throughout the day properly.

Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain



The best proportion is 3 to 1 of carbs to protein. If you consume 300 grams of carbs, 100 grams of protein should be present in your pre-workout meal.
You can make pre-workout meals by combining any of the ingredients mentioned below. Some sample meal examples are also given below that you will surely love.

Protein-rich food

Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain
These food items are rich in protein and essential nutrients. You can use these food items to make the best post-workout meal for muscle gain: –
  • Protein Powder
  • Eggs
  • Greek yogurt
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Cottage cheese

Carbs-rich food items

Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain
These are some of the carbs and nutrient-rich food items. It would be best if you considered while preparing pre-workout meals for muscle gain: –
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Rice cakes
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Edamame
  • Potatoes
  • Bread
  • Pineapple
  • Banana

Best pre-workout meal for muscle gain

These are some of the sample meals that are extremely good for building muscle. Guess what? There are some vegan sample meals also. So, our sample meals will work for everyone. Consider these meals too while designing your pre-workout meal routine: –

Oatmeal and Whey Protein

Who does not love a tasty and healthy bowl of oatmeal? Let’s add a twist to it. Make your oatmeal bowl as you would typically do. Now add a spoonful of whey protein, honey, nuts like Walnuts and dark chocolate chip in it. And Voilà, you get yourself a perfectly healthy and tasty post-workout meal for muscle gain.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain


What is better than a tasty smoothie to gain muscles? If you also love smoothies, why not make one. Start by adding banana, blueberry, honey, dark chocolate chip, milk and a scoop of ice. Blend them and add a scoop of your favorite protein powder. And guess what, you get yourself a refreshing glass of muscle-building smoothie.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain 

Turkey Sandwich

Oh Gosh, how can someone resist a perfectly grilled turkey Sandwich? All you need to do is marinate turkey with your favorite seasoning. Cook it in the microwave. Shred it and spread it on whole-grain bread. Add Greek yogurt, some salad dressing, and boiled egg slices if you like them. Grill the Sandwich and enjoy it with your favorite juice. You got yourself a delicious and healthy Sandwich to gain muscles.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

Berries Parfait

Do you love a fancy dessert in clear glass with all those visibly appealing layers? If yes, then this one is going to be your favorite one. Add Greek yogurt at the bottom. Layer it with blueberry, and then add some nuts. Add whole wheat bread soaked in honey water and top it with strawberries. Then add Greek yogurt again and sprinkle dark chocolate chips on top. And, this is your visibly appealing and perfectly healthy glass of Parfait for muscle gaining.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain


Waffles are one of the universally loved food items. You will surely love this meal for muscle gain if you’re among the waffle lovers. Make a regular waffle and add Greek yogurt. Top it with sliced banana and strawberry pieces. Drizzle some honey on top, and guess what? Adding dark chocolate chips is still an option. And here, you get your perfectly healthy and tasty pre-workout meal for muscle gaining.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

Chicken cheese omelet

Isn’t the meal name enough to arouse your appetite? If yes, let’s try it out. Marinate chicken in spices and cook it in the microwave oven. Shred the chicken and save some for later. Beat an egg, add pepper, cheese, chicken shreds and spices of your choice. Now you can either bake it or cook it in a non-stick pan. You can toast a whole grain bread and make fresh orange juice. Now the only thing you need to do is enjoy your meal.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain 

Apple peanut butter bite-size snack

If you are vegan, this is one of the best options. Wash the apple and cut it into slices. Bake it in a preheated oven. Add peanut butter, sprinkle dark chocolate chips on top, and your meal is ready. You can also pack them and take them to the gym with you. This one is a perfectly healthy and muscle-gaining option for you.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

Peanut butter energy balls

Let’s make a simple and easy snack with peanut butter. You can replace peanut butter with almond butter if you feel so. Take a waffle and crush it into grainy powder. Then, add peanut butter and sprinkle protein powder and dark chocolate chips. Roll it into balls and enjoy this tasty snack. It will help replenish your energy level and aid in muscle gaining.
Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain
These were some of our favorite post-workout meals for muscle gain. There are some other fantastic options listed below for you: –
  • Granola bars
  • Almond coconut chocolate chip smoothie
  • Rice cakes and almond butter
  • Turkey avocado sandwich
  • Greek yogurt salad
  • Stuffed avocados
  • Orange smoothie
  • Banana Parfait
  • Steak and eggs
  • Protein Coffee
  • Chicken and rice
  • Greek yogurt and fruits

Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain


You can eat whatever you like from our sample meals. The only thing you need to ensure is to keep your post-workout meals balanced. Consume protein and carbs in healthy amounts added to pre-workout meals for muscle gain. Try these tasty meals and design a personalized pre-workout meal routine for yourself.

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