Best Mental Health Podcasts you’ll ever See

5 Mental Health Podcasts You Must Listen To

Best Mental Health Podcasts has been one of the most famous talks of this era. People have started to realize the importance of mental health these days and they are willing to take significant steps to ensure good mental health. When trying to take care of mental health, some knowledge, know-how, practical strategies, tips, and tricks come in handy, and mental health podcasts are one way to have insight on this topic.

 Best Mental Health Podcasts

It is estimated that more than 2 million podcasts on mental health have been released. Having such a huge library of mental health podcasts makes it cumbersome for people to choose from. That’s why we are here with the list of some top-rated and amazing mental health podcasts that you can listen to. Check out the list of some of the best and hand-picked mental health podcasts listed below by us:

The Positive Psychology Podcast

Top on our list is the positive psychology podcast. We love this podcast because of the vastness of topics it covers. It provides insight on topics like passion, strength, and mindfulness within the light of positive psychology. It has many episodes and got a rich rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

This podcast is based on the views of positive psychology. It is hosted by Kristen Treumpy, a master’s degree holder in applied positive psychology. Positive psychology revolves around the concept that anyone can become a happier version of themselves without interfering in the negative sides of their lives.

This podcast was started in 2014 and is still present to this day, so there are a lot of episodes to dig into. Every episode ranges from 30 minutes to almost an hour. It covers topics like narcissism, self-love, humility, and much more.

Oftentimes, amazing guest speakers are invited which is awesome because we get to know more practical strategies from them too. This podcast is available on platforms like Spotify, ACast, Google, etc.

 Best Mental Health Podcasts

The Hilarious World of Depression

If you’re a fan of humorous content, then this mental health podcast is exactly what you will love to listen to. Depression is amongst the most prevalent mental health problems. While this issue itself is depressing and humor has nothing to do with it, but dealing with it humorously helps people to cheer up.

This podcast is hosted by veteran humorist John Moe. This podcast series tackles depression in a lighthearted manner by bringing famous comedians who have experienced depression themselves. They seek to eradicate the stigma surrounding clinical depression.

This podcast helps many people who are depressed by offering information, helping them laugh, and letting them know they are not alone. It is available on many platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Though we are not sure if any new episodes will be aired but give this amazing podcast a try if a great laugh while seeking knowledge on depression is what you’re looking for.

 Best Mental Health Podcasts

Mental Illness Happy Hour: –

This amazing podcast scores next position on our top 5 podcasts list. This podcast has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the Apple Podcast. The first episode was aired in 2017 and guess what, new episodes are still getting released. So, you’ll have a handful of episodes to dig into. It is also available on many famous platforms like Stitcher and Sound Cloud etc.

Have you ever imagined how we are living in speaking about your mental struggles is viewed as something crazy. Even though many of us have suffered through mental traumas in our lives, yet still not many of us feel confident, comfortable, and safe talking about them loud.

This podcast is hosted by Paul Gilmartin. He interviews many celebrities who have suffered from mental health issues. He shows the world that there is no shame in talking about your mental struggles loud. He also links sexual assault and PTSD. He also puts a light on the fact that how a child’s mental health is being affected by being raised by alcoholic parents.

 Best Mental Health Podcasts

The Happiness Lab

This podcast is next on our list of amazing and helpful mental health podcasts. It got an amazing rating of 4.8 out of 5 by more than 11000 users. It is also available on Stitcher. It was first aired in 2019 and new episodes are still being aired. So you can listen to as many episodes as you want.

Sometimes in the depth of sadness, we think happiness is not attainable. Even when we achieve our most essential goals and ambitions, we may not be satisfied, and it may not be able to provide the satisfaction that you expected. it. If you’re among these people, this podcast is specifically for you.

Dr. Laurie Santos host this podcast and through the findings of scientific research on the link between human behavior and emotions, she aims to show people that their happiness is in their control. She teaches you to take ownership of your mind and mold your thoughts in a shape that makes you happy. This shows why her course Psychology and Good Life is very popular at Yale.

 Best Mental Health Podcasts

The Self Work

The Self Work is the fifth and final podcast in our top five mental health podcasts. This podcast got a brilliant rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. It was first aired in 2016 and new episodes are still being released that you can listen to anytime you want. It is also available on Apple Podcast and Stitcher.

Sometimes we struggle to deal with our dark sides and mental traumas. We are not even able to build up the courage to tell someone what we are going through and therapy sessions can be quite expensive. In those dark times, we wonder if someone can show us the path on how to help our dark thoughts and deal with our mental trauma.

Dr. Margaret Rutherford also believes in the fact that therapies can be expensive and Self Work on these issues is not easy. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Margaret Rutherford She draws on her 25 years of experience to assist people in dealing with mental health challenges. She uses language that even a layman can understand and helps people by providing strategies and insights on how to work and help yourself.

 Best Mental Health Podcasts

Honorable Mentions

Some other honorable mentions are “The anxiety Podcast”, “Meditation Minis”, “The trauma therapists”, “Therapy for Black Girls”, “WTF” and “Terrible, Thanks for asking”. These are some of the honorable options that you can listen to if you want.


Dealing with mental health concerns is difficult, and working on yourself is much more complicated. When someone is stuck in a dark place, they need someone to give them knowledge, strategies, tips, and tricks so that they can come out of that dark place. These strategies and knowledge can act like a guiding light and a ladder which they can use to come out of that dark place. And these podcasts surely provide the best possible strategies that everyone can use. Lastly, keep your mental health safe as health equals wealth.v

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